IntelliGolf Birdie Edition

IntelliGolf Birdie Edition 9.2

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NEW - IntelliGolf is the perfect GOLF GIFT for you or someone you know that owns a Palm organizer, Handspring Visor or an IBM WorkPad. IntelliGolf adds more fun to golf by automating golf scoring, capturing round statistics and adding up wagers using any/all of its 17 included sidegames (e.g. Skins). IntelliGolf's unique HoleView(TM) Scoring System is complemented with our ScorecardView(TM) feature that shows all 18 holes at once - an IntelliGolf first! Plus, IntelliGolf's powerful Windows-based desktop software tracks historical round performance, provides 63 categories of game improving statistics, and offers up over 5,000 popular golf courses through its IntelliCourse(TM) database feature. Round set-up is a breeze! Plus, IntelliGolf will even calculate your approximate handicap for you.

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